How do you get information regarding your stay due to the corona virus?

At the moment we are working hard to help all our guests, who will be affected because some resorts are closed, in the best possible way. In the interest of our guests and to make this run as smoothly as possible, you will find below information and guidelines regarding the contact with Dormio Holidays. We would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation. 

Have you booked a stay in a resort of hotel that is currently closed? And is the arrival date in the period that the resort is closed? 

We will contact you!  

Of course you can trust us to do this in order of urgency. We kindly ask you not to approach us in the coming period. We will do our best to keep our website continuously up to date. Here you can see which resorts are closed and until when. We advise you to definitely follow the updates of the official authorities yourself as the developments follow each other very quickly. 

We understand that you would like to know where you stand and what possibilities you have as soon as possible. We would like to emphasize that we do our utmost to give you clarity and to limit the consequences for everyone, while keeping the situation well under control. We work closely with the authorities in this respect. At the moment, the order of urgency is determined in the following way: 

1.Arrivals, in the resorts that are closed, for next week
2.Arrivals, in the resorts that are closed, after next week
Later arrivals, in resorts that are closed, and other questions 

Have you booked a stay in a resort or hotel that is currently closed? And is your arrival date after the closing date of the resort? 

We will not (yet) contact you! 

If the situation changes and, according to the guidelines of local authorities, the resorts have to be closed for a longer period, we will mention this on our website. Here you can see which resorts are closed and until when. 

Have you booked a stay in a resort or hotel that is currently open? 

If you have booked a stay in a resort or hotel that is still open, we will not contact you. Do you have any questions about your booking? Then we kindly request you to contact us by e-mail 

Have you booked through one of our partners (not booked through Dormio Holidays)? 

If you have booked through one of our partners, please consult the website of the partner/tour operator in question.